What We Do

Editors’ Ink work across print and online media, and can tailor our services to fit your project. Here’s just a little taster of what we have up our sleeves…

•  Editorial Writing

Editorial articles and features, interviews and profiles, blog creation for magazines, newspapers, websites and brands

•  Promotional Copywriting

Advertorial features, web content, taglines and slogans, product descriptions, marketing materials, press releases

•  Editing Services

Proof-reading, rewriting, editing, fact-checking, refining to house style

•  Social Media Services

Advice and copy creation for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

•  CV (Résumé) Services

Proof-reading, editing and updating, plus guidance on crafting CVs, personal statements and powerful cover letters.

• Editorial Consultancy Q&A Sessions

Find out more about these bespoke one-on-one advice sessions here

Need our help? Drop us a line at hello@editorsinkhk.com